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Richard Heath, P.M. Worshipful Master Message 2013

Master's Message

Brethren, it is my honor and privilege to serve as Worshipful Master as we observe the 200th anniversary of our Lodge. On this website you will find the scheduled meetings and special events planned to commemorate this milestone. Significantly, our April Stated Meeting will be held as a Table Lodge on Wednesday April 3rd, our Constitution day. The following Saturday, April 6 we will have our Anniversary Banquet, with our honored guest, Brother Jay W. Smith, Right Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Pennsylvania. Reservations are necessary for both events, and I urge you to respond quickly, to be counted in. Although you may be unable to attend every activity, I hope you attend some, and share in the experience of celebration in fellowship with your brothers.

The theme I have chosen for this year is “Brotherly Love,” and the emblem selected to represent it is, of course, the trowel. Therefore, I have designed a lapel pin in the form of a Masonic apron; Square and Compasses on the flap; the trowel, with 200 emblazoned upon it in the center, 1813 and 2013 on either side of it; and the Lodge name around the outside edges. As our ancient brethren used the trowel to unite the building, so should we as Freemasons use our symbolic trowel to spread our brotherly love and affection to unite us as a band of brothers. For, if we are united, our fraternity must flourish. Let all private animosities, therefore, if any should exist, give place to peace and good fellowship. I look forward to sharing our brotherly love in fellowship with you this year.

Richard A. Heath, P.M.
Worshipful Master

You will receive your lapel pin at the first meeting you attend in 2013.
You may request the Secretary to send you one if you are prevented by sickness or distance from attending this year.



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